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Moving Ahead……Healing from the Past

Whether we encountered past trauma, loss and grief, and other situations throughout life that have affected us, there are ways to take steps to heal from them. Before we can do that, there are ways we can work through the barriers and blocks in our lives, which can include seeking a mental health therapist for help and engagement in daily mindfulness, including guided meditation, visualization, journaling, using self-affirmations, and/or positive self-talk. The past can interfere in our path ahead and being more open. We also must take the steps to be open to working through them. You can leave the past in the past and embrace a new beginning ahead in your life. These are the following steps you can take in moving ahead to heal:

1). Acknowledgement-Recognize the past and being willing to work on healing. If you allow your past hurtful experiences to affect you, you give permission to have it impact your life. Also, this can affect decision making and allow repeated patterns of unhealthy dynamics to continue to occur until you recognize it and allow for you to take positive steps towards changes such as utilizing our supports to help us towards positive steps.

2). Aligning yourself for a new beginning-When we have been deeply affected by a traumatic and negative experience, we do not always realize we have resentment and we can make decisions that are unhealthy. It is important to learn from the past and not allow ourselves to continue to make decisions and continue ongoing cycles that were not healthy in our lives. Even though we may believe we are protecting ourselves, it is more than likely that we are limiting ourselves. You must be open to healing and moving ahead to embrace positive changes in your life. Also, understand the root of the pain and hurt that has occurred. Once you identify the issue which has affected you, then being honest with yourself. Also, not allowing the experience or anyone define who you are and take the experience as a lesson. Empower yourself to make the steps to embrace moving ahead and being transparent about how the experience has affected you. Do not allow the past to hinder you from moving ahead to embrace a new beginning.

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